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RAIN CHECK (Calendar/Event+Weather App)- Icon


3 Step On-boarding (Screens)


Screens- Activities(All colors)

Following the same ideology of a "color story", suggested events are displayed on the basis of their corresponding "weather colors" while still employing the general color scheme of the current weather.


A Different Color for Every Weather

The load screen pulsates through a series of gradients before landing on the "correct" Current Weather Color of the day.


Screens (Blue|Clear)


Screens (Orange/Red|Sunny)


Screens (Pink/Purple|Overcast Sun)


Screens (Grey|Overcast)


Screens- Notifications+Activities (Blue|Clear)


App Store Promotional Screens



Rain-Check’s simple intuitive and quick interface is aimed to appeal to the non- “weather junkie” by including features such as calendar integration and push-notification reminders, essential weather overview as well as alternative options for when the weather doesn’t go your way. 

Calendar Integration+Weather Notifications  

If you are heading out for a number of activities the app will remind of you of changes in the weather later in the day so that you are never caught of guard. In addition you can also schedule your events directly on the app on the basis of impending weather conditions.

Weather Change Notifications+Alternate Activity/Date/TIme Suggestions

In case that picnic you planned get’s rained out, the app can provide you with a list of alternate dates and times as well as alternate activities that you can engage in around the area. 

Severe Weather Warnings

The app will notify you of impending severe weather conditions. In addition, if you are caught of guard and are already out when you happen to get caught in a storm the app will suggest locations (restaurants, shops, etc) where you can wait it out or nearby activities that you can engage in to pass the time.