Buskers (Street Musicians) have been holding out their caps and cups in public places all over the world for centuries. Boston's own Busker history dates back to the late 1700's and is now home to hundreds of performers. And so, to celebrate their rich history, the Buskers of Boston are getting together to perform their most wicked festival of outdoor performance yet—a one-off, 3 day street-music festival for all of the beautiful people of Massachusetts. 

PAHK THE CAH! celebrates the landscape and culture of Boston's most intimate and local music scene, bringing together unique and independent, pop-up performances to unexpected places. The event will take place in and around the courtyards, gardens, streets and alleys of Harvard Square and will feature all of the beloved sidewalk favorites — A rare collaboration of independent and alternative artists celebrating the city we love. 

PAHK THE CAH!– A Sidewalk Music Festival, is a hypothetical music festival based in Boston,MA. The concept behind the tone, language and branding pulls its inspiration from Boston slang and the Bostonian accent.



Festival Tickets


Festival Tickets and Wristbands (Blue: Day 1–Fri; Yellow: Day 2–Saturday; Grey: Day 3– Sunday)


Festival Wristbands


Festival Tickets and Wristbands


Festival Ticket and Wristband


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