Lately Icon (Alarm+Reminder App)


On-boarding (Screens)

Fun Illustrative Icons

Fun illustrative icons and a bar timer provide you with a quick overview of whether or not you are on track or late. 


In-putting Tasks (Screens)

Swipe down to add an additional list item. Frequently used presets are automatically favorited and placed on the top of the list. LATELY uses Natural Language Processing to enter in tasks. Additionally, existing presets of more complex syntax commands (for tasks like creating lists "List:", adding location details "@" , etc) can easily be learned and added to the text field through existing presets. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.


Manual Adjust (Screens)

Manually adjust in progress tasks within the app or directly through the wristband.

watch screens.jpg

Manual Adjust (Screens)

Force touch provides a full line up of all scheduled tasks for a given event.
Tapping on an icon in this view allows you to adjust the amount of time allocated to the specific task.
Swiping up on an icon deletes that task from the list


Interruption Technology

Smartphone alerts and calendar popups only go so far. The app uses the logic of interruption technology by use of a wristband and self-learning and adjusting capabilities to reinforce the right habits for being punctual. Tasks that are not completed within the given time frame appear red and Vibrate at 2 minute intervals until dismissed as completed.


Late Status Notifications (Screens)

Stay up-to-date and informed when changes are made to existing activities and task flows.


Un-identified Late Status Notifications (Screens)

In the event that the app cannot determine why you were late this can be recorded manually when prompted. 


By focusing on the tasks leading up to an event and the time taken to complete them, LATELY aims to potentially solve the core problem of “leaving on time” and hence of arriving on time. This solution is based on the simple understanding that the answer to chronic-lateness does not lie in simply attempting to “leave earlier”. Instead the solution needs to be re-focused on re-enforcing the proper habits for being on time.

Proposed Technology

GPS: (Traffic/subway and puplic transport/walking distance information)
Ensuring that those factors that may be outside of your control can be dealt with within the proposed system. 

Movement: (Heart rate/steps)
Using movement as a method of interruption when lingering, snoozing alarms, etc.

External Wearable device: (Weather-proof wristband)
Ensuring that the device can efficiently mould and monitor your habits by being in direct and close contact with the user at all times, while in use. 

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