(Based on Cecilia of Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities")
"I have gone on, deeper and deeper into it streets. But how have I managed to arrive where you say, when I was in another city, far far away from Cecilia, and I have not yet left it?"
" The places have mingled," the goatherd said. "Cecilia is everywhere."


Cecillia is a game instruction book that experiments with non-linear narrative through conditional modifiers. The concept was to create a game based on a set of instructions that prompts the reader/player(s) to make-up their own rules as they go along. By utilizing purposefully ambiguous instructions, "diagrams", and an intertwining "choose your own adventure" type layout, the book is meant to send the reader onto a labyrinthic  journey within its pages, making it intentionally unclear where the instructions end and the "game" begins. In a sense deciphering the rule-book becomes the game more than act of playing it.